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Based in downtown Long Beach, Stone Law & Consulting empowers small business owners to implement best business and employment practices in order to reduce the risk of costly legal problems down the road.  Specializing in areas of business and employment law, Ashleigh Stone is passionate about protecting small businesses and employers through preventive law.  Whether starting or growing a business, Stone Law & Consulting can help protect your investment and give you the peace of mind that your business is properly formed, built on well-drafted contracts, operating with an up-to-date employee handbook, and legally compliant.

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Areas of Practice

Business formation

Properly forming your business is critical to its success and growth. Your business structure determines how your business is taxed and what liability protections are in place.  When forming a business, Stone Law & Consulting works closely with its clients to determine which business structure best suits their needs.  Our business formation packages include formalizing your business and drafting all necessary supporting documents such as by-laws and operating agreements.  For our corporate clients, Stone Law & Consulting will help you set up best business practices to ensure compliance with all corporate formalities, because failure to comply can cost you your liability protection.  Flat fee services available. 

employee handbooks

An employee handbook is a living document essential for legal compliance and protection, setting employee expectations, and providing guidance for management.  If done improperly or left to collect dust, an employee handbook can have wide-ranging adverse legal consequences for an employer.  Stone Law & Consulting works closely with its clients to create a custom employee handbook that reflects its organization size, employee needs, and organization philosophy.  Utilizing the legal expertise of Stone Law & Consulting will give you the confidence that your business is operating with a handbook that reflects the most up-to-date law.   Flat fee services available. 

contract Drafting & review 

A properly written contract is essential to create and maintain any successful business relationship.  It preserves the understanding of the parties as to their rights and responsibilities, spells out who gets what benefit for what cost, and sets up a mechanism as to how the contract can be ended and under what circumstances.  A properly written contract is also a powerful tool to avoid costly litigation and defend against contract disputes.  Whether you need a contract reviewed, edited, or drafted, Stone Law & Consulting can ensure your business is built with contracts which will protect your investment.  Flat fee services available. 

human resource consulting

For business owners unable to invest in an in-house Human Resource Manager an HR consultant is essential to the strategic planning and success of a business.   Stone Law & Consulting works closely with employers to create best employment practices to ensure compliance with all applicable California and federal laws.  Best employment practices reduce the risk of costly litigation, labor board violations, and unemployment insurance disputes, and strengthen a defense when complaints arise.  Our clients' needs are evaluated on an individualized basis taking into consideration the demands of differing businesses and industries.  Available services include flat fee HR document packages, flat fee legal compliance evaluations, and cost-effective flat fee legal advice available on a retainer basis.


An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
— Benjamin Franklin


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